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I´m a Spanish photographer,living in Norway.

I was born in April, in Andalusia, Spain, as I could have been born anywhere else, because I have not stopped moving since then. From I was a child every year I settled in a new place, because of the work of my father,who is an art teacher. This way  of living has allowed me to know a variety of different places, countries and people. This nomadic existence has made me grow into a constant state of hunger for exploration.

Art has always been a major influence in my life, so when the time came I opted to study the Degree of Audiovisual Communication in Málaga; which allowed me to get in touch with the different branches of the audiovisual field and expand in the area I found most interesting. 

Parallel to my academic training and, due to the intimate need for experimentation and the search for my own language, the idea of ​​creating an audiovisual studio arose. Together with other colleagues we founded a creative space.

From the early begining I started to work like a profesional photographer and videographer meanwhile I was finishing my studies. 

I came out of that period completely fascinated by photography and realized I wanted to dig  deeper. I kept searching and learning about the technical and emotional aspects of photography and

I studied a specialized course in phototherapy.

Since then I´ve been working for different companies in different projects around the world as a photographer, videographer and content creator. 

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